Friday, December 06, 2013

Food Review :: Cibo

I met my friends for lunch today. The first one to arrive was Hachi, we met at the bookstore like we always do and walked around in circles looking for a place to eat! XD We're both breakfast skippers and we were so hungry by about 1 in the afternoon!

Finally we decided on CIBO.

The ambience was nice, well-lit, filled with people but not too crowded, and Italian, which we both love. (and it was perfect for lunch!)

We placed our orders,

and I took some photos while we wait.

Here was Hachi's 1/2 Roast Chicken, it had a fancy italian name but I couldn't quite remember.XD

The portion was incredibly huge. I tried it and it tasted nice and herby -- however I doubt I could finish it. :O

Subsequenttly my pasta came 'round.

I was craving for a light tossed pasta with only the herbs' intense flavours. This was it.

At first it tasted too bland and without any meat-- But NO, this had Olives and Shrimps in it in the bottom!-- it gets tastier after each bite and I actually wanted another plate of it. *w*

That's Hachi 'gramming her food in the back!

A few minutes into digging into our food, Chi arrived and she ordered the Porkchop.

The porkchop was so thick and huge -- and cooked just right (said Chi).
Eating out, I tend to avoid porkchops because I hate gnawing at tough meat.
My friend said it was a little tough but flavor-wise very good.

When my friend and I came to eat it was right during lunch time, and this being in the CBD (Central Business District), a lot of gaijins were dining there as well (One sitting next to our table was ordering plate after plate of food and we were talking among ourselves how much that person was spending...and consuming!)

By the time we were about to leave, there were more locals who came to eat.

It seems to be almost always full-house at peak times we were lucky to get a table.XD

CIBO @Greenbelt

Food 9/10
Service 8/10*
Presentation 9/10

* (Food took forever to be served but service was otherwise good.)

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