Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer boots from Charles and Keith

I was supposed to post this 24/03/2013 but was somehow lost and forgotten. Haha.

I do not like open-toe boots but I couldn't resist buying this because I loved the design!

Charles and Keith have become a personal favourite because I have had the experience of plunging their shoes in flood water, ran with it, kept it for some years, and still find it looking brand new. And no, it didn't fall apart after all that.

I do not know with the quality of their shoes now, but in my experience they're quite well-made.


Funny thing is, I found an almost similar style back in June 2012, from an anime.XD

a screenie from Natsuiro Kiseki, the left most side, Strappy+Open-toe Boots!

The reason I took this screenie was because of the shoes actually. When I was cleaning up the files on my comp I saw this and remembered my C&K pair. Nostalgia. :3


I bought my pair at 75% off, way too cheap. So I'm guessing this must have been in the market around the time Natsuiro Kiseki was airing. :D

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