Saturday, June 29, 2013

Food :: The Perks of living next to a Hotel

... that is, getting to eat gourmet food after work!:3


Complimentary nuts, typical appetizer in Chinese restaurants.

While waiting for our food, I took the liberty of taking a photo of their lighting fixture. Nothing special. :O

After a while, they served the shrimp!

A special sauce mix, I expecially love the amount of chillis in there! :3

Look at how fresh that is. :D~

Salted Fish Fried Rice. Lovely. It looks ordinary, but tastes absolutely wonderful.

Spare Ribs.

I'm digging in! XD

Sometime in between.

And finally some Taro Puffs.


Once in a while, spending a little more than usual on food is rewarding. Especially after a tiring day at work. :3 (I say that now but don't think so most of the time and don't think I should.:P)

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