Friday, June 28, 2013

My room, Manga, Rilakkuma

Some photos of my room from over the weekend.

My desk, next to the window.

I have been renovating my room, sort of, so it's a huge mess right now. :O
Photos were taken back in April. :3

I put up a curtain to camouflage all the mess. XD

Some of the manga I picked up during that time. I only buy when it's on sale. :P

Nodame titles I own, these were from some time earlier.

Titles I bought but haven't read.

Zettai Kareshi, in japanese and english. My first manga.:3

The format is pretty much the same.

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, my first japanese drama, now in manga! :D (Sadly I have not found the time to read this yet.)

Railgun (was the only copy left), and Black Bird.

(I accidentally bought Black Bird #8 twice by mistake, not in this picture. Now I have two copies! =_= Think I'll give the other one to my friend who's crazy about this manga (we only read online).XD


I have a super deep shelf where I keep my mangas (ones in japanese mostly).


It's Rilakkuma~~ and since we're on that subject, here's where I keep mini Rilakkuma plushies.

inside a cosmetic case! XD

There's more where these came from but they're stashed away in a safe place.:3

Here's Peter Rabbit, which I got at a bargain! :P

Ah well, when my room is tidier I will take more photos. :O (hehe, XD)

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