Sunday, June 09, 2013

Photos taken with my new phone :3

The IS = Samsung S4, The was = Samsung s8300

Playing the guitar..

The images came out really good viewed on the comp. I took a video of myself playing the guitar, made a few mistakes here and there, and don't feel confident enough to post them. haha. XD

It recorded the sound well too.

Actually my old samsung phone, despite it being super sluggish, takes nice photos and videos too (used it for videos when I went to Japan back in 2010, since I didn't want to use up my camera's memory)-- by then I've been using it for three years and dies more often than not! -- Also saved me when my eneloop charger decided to ditch me second day in to Tokyo, have been using it until I was able to buy another charger.XD

The images were sharp and clear with the S4,

and I'm really happy with this phone~ :3

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