Saturday, May 04, 2013

When I first started working with Watercolour

I rephrase - When I first started working seriously with Watercolour


At the end of my year in secondary, my school decided to open an art club. Believe it or not, my school didn't have one before then. They pushed mathematics and science, not so much writing and the arts. So I desperately wanted to be in it. Luckily a friend and I passed the test (it involving having to draw two different works from scratch -- I drew one of the street view from my room window, and one of Van Gogh's work -- an image which sits vividly in my head).

The trainer (I say trainer because he was preparing us to enter a national competition) made us work with different mediums, testing our strengths. I was enjoying every other medium until this. To be honest I had trouble with watercolour and had to redo some most of the assigned works. T_T

Et voila!

I took watercolour seriously and this is how it pays me back! :S


In the end I entered the competition with my trusty set-of-48 oil pastels, winning me a not-so-shiny piece of metal, .. er medal!

No thanks to aquarelle but seeing this reminds me to work even harder to become better even so. XD


Have you ever strived to become better at something, a hobby, a school subject, or anything else that doesn't love you back?

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