Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Il Colosseo - Roma pt1

We got a little lost on our way to the Colosseum, (this is not always the case!! XD - I swear there were more times I reached our destination without taking any wrong turns. Lol. =_=" )

We were planning to visit the Palatine Hill first, but my mistake for not having checked where the entrance was!! big mistake! -- (Instead we reached a dead end, on the other side of the entrance to Palatine. So we had to circle the whole area before reaching this, thanks to a super kind lady who told us where to go.XD -- Good thing about this unexpected side-trip was getting to see Bocca della Verita and actually treading on the whole Circo Massimo stretch!)

Luckily we bought a Roma Pass so we were able to skip the endless lines!

And just to make this trip worth it, here's a little something!

I made some edited versions of this too~ (shall post the rest tomorrow)

Well, until then! :3

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