Thursday, May 30, 2013

Il Colosseo - Roma pt2

The perks of purchasing a Roma Pass!

We were able to cut through the lines and enter in a jiffy!


The stairs up to the viewing area. I think there was a lift somewhere but no time to spare.

Next to the shop were these,

The floorplan,

Immensely overwhelming. This place is chock-full of people.

View from the inside,

Finally reached the area with the balcony, a little description on the Colosseum.

Marvelous view from the balcony:

Street vendors:

Nice quiet arches and passages,

Some portion of the Colosseum is actually barricaded..


A little souvenir I got for myself..

Eversince my trip to the Grand Canyon some 9 years ago, I started a little rock collection! :D

I don't always find a nice rock to bring home, but I got one each from the Colosseum and the Palatine. X3 shh~ don't tell on me!


Some random photos from inside:

Me with my sis (She doesn't want me to post her photos.XD )

Setting up self-timer is sooo easy. XD I like to use it. But I think I should be more careful. :O When I did that in Madrid someone actually approached us to warn us about thieves.. BUT! where I live is actually worse.XD (Here, flashing a mere camera phone in public is asking for trouble! though in a well-off neighbourhood it's not so much the case.)


From my sister's camera! (they're mostly photos of myself.XP)

There were soooo many tourists. I just picked the ones without too much people.

Lovely view~~ I over-sharpened this one...=_= but I'm too lazy to change it now..


Here was the other gif I was talking about...

Thanks to boredom I made another one... :P

Looks ancient, eh?


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