Saturday, January 05, 2013

When in Madrid :: 20121228 Strike - Alfon Libertad

When in Madrid,

do witness a strike at Puerta del Sol
(I kid, I kid! XD)


But here are some I filmed while I was there, it was a protest on some wrongly accused guy who's in prison for his actions, and people think it's unjust (I am not entirely sure, sorry, I hardly ever watch the news or read the papers.XP)

As if the strikes in the country where I live are not enough... XD


This guy voices out his opinions..

Did you know he was featured in one of the spanish documentaries about people in the streets? XD


How Sol looks in the evening, it's packed with people.


I hope you liked the videos. I had to climb barricaded fountains // metro railings to get these.XD


More people.

Was a mix of locals, tourists, people on strike, a lot of street vendors, and shoppers (due to the proximity of numerous shops).

Where the people have gathered for the protest..

A closer look..

What they were raving on about..

And from the police-point-of-view..


Lastly, the Christmas tree at Sol... :3 (hehe, awfully late to be posting something christmas-y! :P)

I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays as much as I did! (^_~)V


  1. Oh, I didn't know anything neither about it. When was that? Maybe when I was in Paris?

  2. Haha, yesh, you were in Paris at that time. :P