Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Paris 003 - Printemps Haussmann + Cafe Pouchkine

After organizing some photos from my recent trip, it suddenly came to me to go through last year's photos (err, half of which I gave up labeling/sorting).:S

I hope it's not too late, here's a backlog from last year's Christmas holidays spent in Paris.

I so love the atmosphere in this city,

and seeing it in pictures make me yearn to come visit again some time soon!



on Boulevard Haussmann.

Impressive architecture and the most amazing shop displays.

Some of which were these lovely dollies dancing to the music!

Really attractive colours and so russian-inspired, including this pastry shop:

Cafe Pouchkine.

A pretty happening place, but a little too expensive to try!
So I shall only do what I'm good at and take photos from the window. XD

A matryoshka~~

Lovely cake...


And this one I liked best...
Slight pearly shimmer looking elegant.

Matryoshka + high tea


Now my supposedly Printemps-Haussmann-shopping post has turned into food-pastry-yummy post......n_n

Ah well. XD


  1. Awe! Europe! It's been too long! I so wish I could be there in the blink of an eye ;). The pics are just amazing!

  2. @Miki I so wish I could be there again too! :D Such a beautiful charming city.

  3. All your pictures are so pretty. I want to go!