Saturday, November 17, 2012

The owl ring -- *hooot*

I have a ton of overdue photos, and this is one of those sets!


I bought this ring ages ago... (well, early this year! :P)

I love the colour, and how it sparkles a little under the light... *_*

Owls are so cute, and I just couldn't resist buying something so unique.
Perfect for everyday wear! XD

I just hope I don't lose this like I did with my other rings! :(


Let me recount the times I lost a ring:
(1) I lost a ring in America. I really loved the design, it was broad with crosses engraved on it.... T_T I lost it the same day I bought it! I wore it for about 4 hours while sleeping in the bus.XD Haha, funny thing was I even ran after the bus. Lol. How stupid I must have looked! :P
(2) Another ring that has my name on it. It didn't hurt much to lose this one because it was quite ordinary...
(3) I wore my favourite ring (the rocker-wannabe weed ring) and lost it in Japan! My guess is Kyoto or Toyohashi. I was groggy with an awful cold and couldn't remember! >_< I still had it while in Tokyo. I was very sad to lose it....!=S I wore it through good (and rough) times in University... Truth is I have been looking for the exact same ring but to no avail....=/


Have you ever lost something that means a lot to you?

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