Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Eiffel Tower Card Stand

Bought these a few months back, ^_^

You can get them from

Retails at 504yen (originally)..

..and I got these for approx. 120yen. ^_^ So cheap right?
(Hehe, talk about finding treasures in thrift shops.XD)


Did you know I also saw this at a store when I was in Paris?

Arts Populaires along Rue des Canettes,

I really love this part of the city most. :3
Walking around in the morning and looking at the shops is such a nice feeling! XD


These are photos of it with some of the pages from the Nodame Cantabile manga.

The second season of Nodame is set in Paris, (obviously! :D)

L'eglise de Saint Germain des près in the background.


What you can do with it:

Clip some cute stationery


Room keycards! (This one from the hotel we stayed at in Osaka~:3)


Oh, I want to see Paris again... soon! X3



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