Monday, May 28, 2012


Shoes I bought years back and have only used once or twice.:3

From Charles and Keith, have only used this once when I went to a con with bianx in 2010.XD

..learned my lesson to not use this at a con! Hahaha, one whole afternoon running around the place with B was torture! x_X Haha, should get used to the feel of these shoes first.:P


This pink one I bought from a shop in Singapore, and have only used it once as well to match my outfit on New Year's Eve.

I love the colour~

The double strap..

..and how dainty it looks! :3

There was also a grey-version of this...XD

Ballet flats = ♥♥

Should go out and use this more..:D (I don't get out much though...n_n;)

but would hate to get these dirty. o_O

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