Saturday, May 12, 2012

Last night's power outage

With lack of anything to do during last night's 3-hour power outage... (why am I not surprised.....)

I decided to write some doodles! These were taken with my Canon.

The green light from my psp.:P

Was trying to write my name but didn't have enough space! Haha.. my gigantic handwriting.

More scribbles

A smiley face..


And thought, why not write some kanji?!

Did not turn out so bad, it's actually legible!:3


Spent most of my time listening to some stuff on my psp.


Was browsing on my mobile and noticed twitter's new look.

Btw, have not changed the time back (on my phone) since my last trip.

Decided to leave it as it is.:D


As you can see, I was very very bored!

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