Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Recent buys + drinks

Things I have been buying recently:

Twinings Earl Grey..

Tea smelled lovely.^_^

It also came with these teaspoons:


This one came with the box of Kleenex I bought..

I don't normally bring wipes when I leave the house.. but maybe this will come in handy when I travel..?


Also bought.. Bulldog sauce! xD

Have not thought up anything to use it for yet, but worth a try.:P


More stuff...;p


Also bought this brand of Apple Juice:

..tasted like any other apple juice! xD


Bought Pokka's Sparkling Fuji Apple to try.

Had a good flavour.;P Was nice and refreshing.

1 comment:

  1. you m'dear are funny. with all of your glorious food purchases! haha. use the bulldog for croquettes or anything fried! also, i have never bought tea that comes with a free SPOON! lol.