Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Studying + ordering food in

Had a bit of time in the evening during the weekend, so I thought I'd do some reading in Spanish.xD

random stuff.

Was reading with the help of this:

[bought this a couple of years back in SG, when I was studying both French and Spanish at the same time.:P]

It has conjugation guides for both languages:


But the problem lies here...

I do not know what 'auscultar' (-AR) is, so I look up the word to find,

the word 'ausculter' (-ER) as the french translation. (oh wow.>_<")

So now I look up the word in my french dictionary:

Heh. requires a bit of work but I remember more this way and learn words in both languages at the same time.:P


Ordered some food in for dinner again, and it has arrived!


Hot wings.




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  1. Oh wow, this looks like yellow cab. i never knew they had pasta alfredo there.

    + oh wow Miyuu, its really so amazing how you're really taking the time to learn alot of languages!