Monday, March 28, 2011

Ghibli-goodness Candy Drops, Photography








J'aime beaucoup ces choses. Quand j'suis en Japon, je doit acheter plus des autre dessinee comme ca.>_<

Il y a de Crayon Shinchan aussi, une charactere drôle du tout. (Mais je ne l'achete pas..)


Saw this cat behind a bike while I was out walking today.


And here are some photos I took while I was out doing photography yesterday.

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The following photos I took from my new flat:

Saw this helicopter in between these buildings.


Some sky shots, which I think look extremely amazing.


Looks like some old photo..


Calm seas, infinity pools, relaxation..
(not exactly but at least it's what I was thinking when I took this photo..)


And lastly, am leaving you with another photo of the sky, with the calm seas below..

Oooh, wonderful.


  1. Hallo!!! omg doublecheese (haha) we should totally do a shoot one day. but everyones so busy its so hard to have a get-together! Lovely sky pictures. and you live na in a different place? and lulz, this post is so multi-lingual.

  2. @Acha Thank you for you comment! xD I didn't think anyone would notice the comment button but you managed to see it anyway.:D LOL. Yes, we should have a get together-- and soon! And to answer your question-- I am still living in the same place.:)