Wednesday, April 06, 2011

More Foreign-language-learning Materials

Bought this 10-CD set last week, it was on sale, lol, and it was a waste not to get it...

(photos in this post taken with PSP Camera)

And bought these dictionaries today. I just realized I already have four Larousse Dictionaries.:D One I used for French class years back, and these three. ;)

I got them today. :D I'm not familiar with these three languages, I just want to own them.;)


This is a photo from last weekend, taken with my psp..>_<


Err, and yes, still testing out my camera with photos of myself while I was on my comp! xD


Today: Bought this set of cheap earpluggies to replace my old ones.


Have a lurrrve-ly night everyone.


Bonne Nuit! :D

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