Thursday, March 24, 2011

The unnecessary things I end up buying

A continuation of photos from my last post, taken with my PSP Camera.

The nicest choccies in the world.:D

The travel journal i got from a few weeks back:

And the other notebook:


And again:

These are the classic milk chocolate ones.. in shiny gold wrapper.




Some homemade sculpies I made, am giving them out to friends.:)


Bought a new hairbrush, in a refreshing new colour:

And these, to put my hair up in a ponytail.

I didn't even realize I was buying similar shades of colour.


Cake, from my cousin's birthday:

And Pucca's Choco-on-Choco. Omnomnom.


Last night's moon, I love how they are always different.


Bought some Blistex Lip Balms,

I got the Raspberry and Lemonade Flavour and it smells and tastes like it!

Also bought a load of other things..

Of course some more choc, this time it's Strawberry.:D

And grabbed another box of Matcha-flavoured ones too.

But here's what I loved the most:


It's a Rilakkuma mobile phone bag..


The things I'm keeping inside instead..


Well~ That's about it for now. :D

Shall indulge myself in some choc and tea.


  1. Haha, posts full of food. :) You are getting better at your sculpting!

  2. @Acha I have been eating more than I should lately! O_O Haha. And lots of chocolate. (Note: I am NOT depressed...:P)

    Haha, my sculpting lacks consistency. n_n: But I'm still hoping to get better at it and make more kawaaaii creatures.