Thursday, March 03, 2011

Clay Sculptures, Moon Shots, Mobile Clingies

Mobile Clingies-- a term I just made up to refer to Mascot Straps/Mobile Phone Straps/Accessories.

This is one of my own characters (and still in the making!), to be made into a whole lot of incredibly wonderful colours.

(in fact there's a battalion of octos cooling down to be glossed)


It has been awhile since I last had my hands on clay.

This time I tried a different material and the result is superb. They clay was soft, smooth, easily pliable, and hardens in a few hours. [of course, heating is still required]

I make my own clay and it almost always comes out differently (consistency). It's a lot more fun than buying commercial polymer, but the process is messy, and I hate cleaning up after.n_n"

A look into some of the stuff I made with what little trial clay I made the other day:

Made two of my favourite animals:

Glossed them to make them shinier:

Left them out to dry for a bit:

When working with commercial polymer it almost always shrinks down to 50% its original size; my polymer only shrinks down to 75%. But what I like about commercial polymer is the wide range of colours to work with. Making clay in a whole range of colours is tedious work! O:


And this is my 青いたこ (blue~octo) ready to go on my 携帯電話 (mobile phone):

I want a studded octo next on my psp! :)

More characters coming out in the next few months (to be sold).


I will be posting a new photo for this week's Skywatch Friday.

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