Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Travel diary, Moonlit Night, Food, Random Buys.

I write my title pretty much the same way I write my tags. I could think of a better title, but am too lazy to think one up...n_n;

Remember when I said I was going to Tokyo for the coming hols? Well, flight was cancelled, and am looking at other destinations. Was so disappointed when I heard what was happening in some of the Japanese prefectures, I did consider Osaka, but it wasn't as if Osaka didn't feel the quake. I'm terribly afraid of earthquakes. *dizzy*

Anyway, we ordered in some pizza last friday, yum.xD and a couple of Chicken wings.


Here are some random photos from my camera:


My mobile phone:


I am loving Georgia coffee. What a great thing to have while I blog.


Saturday night, the moon was beautiful.

It was so clear you could see the craters.
This photo was taken with my Canon SX110is.
I used to want to get the MarkII 5D. But gawd, it's extremely expensive..
Now I'm thinking of getting a Nikon, since we already own a Canon 500d.

What do you think?...


Some of the recent stuff I bought.. Please ignore The Vampire Diaries, [Haha] it's something someone lent me and I have never seen it yet. n_n""


Sunday: What I had for lunch..


I bought a journal/diary/notebook a few days ago. I think it took me a good couple of minutes before deciding on this design. I could've bought all, but what to do with so many of them...n_n""

A look at what's written on the spine..

It's been years since I last bought a journal like this!

This is the first page,

And the next..

I think this'd make for a good travel diary!

Available in four other colours, these are the characters on each of the four designs..

Pages waiting to be filled with my thoughts..

And leafing through more of the pages..

Random photos from here and there..

Monthly planner..


My pen, poised on one of the pages.


Scent I used to love: (Taking a whiff, memories come flashing back)

This is love!


Finally, this marks the end of our exploration..


This is something that came with the Betsucomi I bought two months ago.


This one came with a Movie Magazine, Screen.

A look at the pages,


This is a pretty cool page, you can write about the movies you've seen and rate them.


Rob Patti, to write your notes on. but I can't possibly write on this page! xD


Cannes Film Festival?


This is what I've been busy with over the weekends,

相棒です! このシリーズはとてもおもしろい。 ミステリーがすき。>_< 

Watching via this little screen is quite convenient, it's light and you can bring it here and there.

But of course bigger screens are better.n_n;

I quite like this player though, you could just plug it into your telly if you don't want it on the little screen.


Cabbage Patch Kids! Do you know them? It's been ages since I've last seen one, this one is from one of them hand-me-down goodies I got from earlier generations. (seriously though...n_n;)

There's more where this came from.^o^


And of course coffee to keep you company..



I can finish the whole box in one go, if not in fear of a sore throat the following day.

Its name says it all, MeltyKiss is the nicest thing you can get out there.

Even more so with the Matcha core!

What you see here is what you get exactly, a perfect square, delicate, matcha on the inside, cocoa-coated, and it melts in you mouth, just the way you want it.

And err, no, this isn't any advert. Lol, I just love the product.


Basket full of goodies:


DoCoMo’s Mascot-San.

I have now been keeping everything in plastic to keep the dust out, makes cleaning a whole lot easier.


What-nots I keep in my room...



I bought these before, started sewing, and never finished the project!

Recently viewed a blog, 'because she started knitting', with the very same thing, except she finished hers already! I wish I could finish mine too.


How the sky looked Sunday afternoon.. a nice play of colours.


And my futile attempt at taking a photo of the moon on a p&s (manual mode, full-zoom) while inside a moving vehicle resulted into this one...

A double moon! This was shot sunday.. the moon has been changing since.

Was told the moon would be at it's largest about end of this week..hmm.

Do you think the moon could be causing the tides and the extreme weather changes? I'm sure the moon and the tides are related, but the things that have been happening of late is far too... could extreme be the appropriate word for it?


Lastly, please visit my photoblog Snapperoni :: Photography --where I will be posting for this week's Skywatch Friday round.

Planning to get myself another camera.. Which to get? A Nikon or a Canon? Which takes better photos in lowlight? [because I am sure Canon has some low-light issues...] O_O And then I have to go check on some Nikkor lenses too... [My MarkII 5d dream is far from being realized..T_T]

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