Monday, November 01, 2010

I am getting a PSP soon. Haha. I know it's waaay too late to get one but I'm still getting it.:P I have done some research on what little enhancements they did on newer versions. And I wonder if I could get a cheap keyboard and camera for the PSP. (So that I do not have to lug my VAIO around anymore, and so that I could blog and update wherever I might be........ I'm thinking of reviving my twitter.. but oh, it'd just add to the already long list of stuff I need to log into and update.>_< 面倒くさい。。ん_ん”) But more importantly there are PSP games that I so want to play... :D (i.e., dissidia, k-on, bleach, and some other game sequels made for psp.)

I am not feeling the halloween mood at all this year, days are flying by so fast, people are counting down to Christmas and shopping centres have been putting up Christmas displays too.>_<

This was as close to halloween as I could get, the Jack-O'-Lantern Dilly Bar from Dairy Queen.

But halloween aside, I can't wait until the holidays, I do not have anything planned yet, but I have been asking around. 今年のチッケトはちょっと高い。T_T But the plan is either to join a group or go off by ourselves. Hmm.

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