Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I think I saw someone earlier but I'm not sure. I pretended not to see, which was the worst thing anyone could ever do! (And no, it's not like me to ignore people.....i think) But anyway, just thought I'd mention it. I just didn't feel like greeting this person... (A person who betrayed me in the past.-_-)


And speaking of dreams (yes, we are now), I had a super nice dream last night! :P I must have watched too many jdramas...:P It's something related to Seiichi and Hotaru, and some of my friends. HAHA. well, recently we've been planning our vacation...CAN'T decide.:P We even drew lots, about 5-10 times, and I keep getting the same thing! :D The lot-drawing ended with a tie.:) Jeeeez.

So back to my dream, B, A, M, and I came from B's house, and were travelling by train somewhere. It's a japanese train, with lots and lots of people. (We were in Japan!! = dream come true) I thought I caught a glimpse of Hotaru, and guess what, I did! Beside her was Seiichi. OHMY.:P And I thought they looked lovely together. Haha, it didn't even occur to me they were seeing each other. I wanted to take a photo at least, but we reached our stop, and I thought, OH WELL, next time.O_O

Fastforward, the next day, we boarded a train again, this time it wasn't packed, and I saw them agaaain! This time I approached them for photo-taking purposes. Very nice people! Unfortunately, the rechargeable batteries I brought on that trip were old, and my cammy kept flashing 'Change the battery pack'. Even with the worn-out extra batteries, I could only get my camera to work for a few shots. Darn~~~~~! You bet I was very disappointed. At that time I was sitting beside Hotaru, and to my surprise, she spoke english pretty well! I did attempt some Japanese sentences, I can't remember what exactly, but I think I said something like 'I saw you too yesterday on the train!! I think it was around this time, but there were so many people I couldn't get to you both!" (but I think this is the calm/relaxed version.:D In my dream there would've been more exclamation points. Heehee.) Hotaru is pretty much what you see on tv, and she's pretty!

At this time, we reached our stop, my friends were calling to me but I said something like I'll catch up with you later! (UUWAAH.)

Anyway, after taking a photo with Hotaru I moved to Seiichi's side.♥ ♥ (Seiichi ♥ ♥ ....) Actually Seiichi is ..hmm, lol, he's not exactly young, but I LOVE his character, and he's good-looking. In my dream he did not converse well in English, I don't know how I managed to speak in Japanese!! o_O I think Hotaru must have done a little translation.:P I wanted a photo of myself with Seiichi, so i took out my camera (remember it only takes about 1 or 2 photos when the battery gets cranky), I took it myself, but after viewing it, I only saw a zoomed out nose in the screen! T_T LOL. I couldn't get my camera to work again so I thought I'd just sit down and chat with them! But luckily, M stayed. A&B got off the earlier stop, but M stayed because M knew the Japanese actors too. she brought her huge new camera. The lens was EOS-like, but the body is permanent, and was grey in colour. She took our photos (WEEE! :D), and loads of them too. They were super nice. M also took a bunch of photos of me and Seiichi and to my surprise, I got a チュウウウウウ from him! ♥ ♥ ♥ (My heart swelled~~ 誠一!!♥ ♥ ) And he just flashed me a super nice smile. (Oh, and Hotaru seemed fine with it.....>_<)

I was content and happy and decided to leave them alone and get off the next stop since we missed two already.

Fastforward again, M and I were at the airport, it was bright, upon exit, we were looking left and right for A&B. We were at a parking space, there was a restroom, we met someone I know and when I asked if thie person saw A & B, the person said they are and are just about to leave the restroom. (FYI, there was absolutely no way this person could know A&B in real life!) So M and I waited, but after a while, we thought maybe they left?? while we waited, M asked me to take a photo of her with the name of the japanese airport in the background (this wasn't Tokyo, it was some Japanese machi I'm not familiar with...). First time I get to use her camera! The photo quality was wonderful, I thought, but what a weird click the shutter button made! when you press it it's like a click-y pen. So I thought, oh, maybe that's how it takes good photos, I flipped it over to see if this was a G-series point-and-shoot, and it wasn't! (GAh, I could remember the model this morning but now I can't), And then I examined the camera again, I thought, what a weird plastic body, completely different from the usual camera. The body was made of transluscent plastic, and then when I checked it again, it was rubber! Like it was filled with air inside, プニプ二! LOL, It was weird, I couldn't get how a camera could be made out of something like that. If you're paying for that thing, you're paying for its good quality lens and not the cheap rubber body. I held onto M's camera for a bit and took photos of the place, and then I saw a group of people gathered at some spot. I went over and saw A&B waving! Oh goody. After meeting up with them I told them about the events on the train.:P As we were about to leave, I realized I left M behind! :P And her camera was with me, I ran back to where we were, found her there, and we met with A&B again.

And my dream ended.:P Long dream. Haha, now I can forget it and re-read this entry. Lol. Forget everything except the チュウウウウウ! :P

Now I'm off to watch Yumeiro Patissiere.:D

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