Monday, May 04, 2015

Book thrifting

While thrifting, I chanced upon some wonderful things.

First, is this postcard book. There were only a few cards left but it was well worth the price.

We don't have postcard books like these in my city (sad). I don't really like animals, but there are people who ask for these kinds of cards so I bought them especially for that.

Fierce-looking animals aren't really my thing.

And the other book is this, Kodansha's Day Walks Near Tokyo. Not like I'd be following this myself. But on a lazy Sunday afternoon it makes for a good diversion.

The retail price... thrifted, I got the book for around 40yen.

On the cover, some watercolour illustrations:

Inside the book

To make up for the lack of pictures, and due to the fact that the outskirts are pretty much covered in natural scenery, the book explains in detail about which path to take.

What I love about thrifting is that you never know what kind of book you'd find. They're not always cheap. Art books expecially can be very expensive. but there's bound to be a gem hidden among those piles of rubbish.

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