Friday, April 24, 2015

A reply card from Lithuania and others

Hey people.

These arrived today!!

Sorry I am always posting about my mail. Haha. It's just that I haven't been up to anything lately except exchange postcards with strangers... and letters with a friend from blogging. Lol.


Remember the handmade card I made in March? (Should be on my instagram)

I sent the card to Lithuania (who likes sketches, artsy stuff, and watercolour.

And I was pleased that she loved the card so much she offered to send a card back.:3

It was a watercolour card! (which I was requesting for on my profile)

Isn't it beautiful? It shows the old city streets of Vilnius.

To my surprise, she sent not one, but two cards!

I have never received anything from Lithuania and having these for my first cards can't be any better,

I'm guesaing everyone on postcrossing has at least one roll of washi tape! :P

Official postcrossing card.

I also received pretty stamps from Lithuania..

Cute hedgehog sticker on the envelope.

More stamp photos:

Space stamp:

Seal on the envelope.

I bought one of these things (the stamper), but couldn't find this sealer thing.

I don't know what they are called (they are not popular here), and I showed it to every bookstore I know of but couldn't find any.

This is what I bought:

I hope I get to use it soon...:3

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