Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Hello dearies~ Soz for the long absence (well, a few weeks...?! XD).

Have downloaded far too many dramas.. *guilty*

Last one I've seen was Mr. Selfridge. At first I was a little let down by this series after having seen The Paradise; But some five episodes in and I found myself hooked. Now I'm wondering if this gets a second season! Haha.


Other than that, I had a most productive weekend, cleaning my room (or well, just my desk in this case) :P

I have only just realized I have been keeping so many trash (some for more than ten something years!), decided to throw away things I didn't need anymore.

No use holding on to memories from the past, maybe a few good ones. Should focus on the good ones at present....:3 -- I think sleepiness is getting the better of me as I write this... n_n


Leaving you with another beautiful sunset from my room window. ^_~

Bon, ben. Et bien, Je te laisse un photo d'un vue magnifique~! (--atm...apparently crushing on someone French who speaks french. Hehe.)

Watching Mr. Selfridge definitely made me miss my French language days. ;P

À plouche~! :X

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