Thursday, April 25, 2013

Food Review :: Krispy Kreme's Mickey-shaped Doughnuts

Normally I would ignore the visually-enticing food displays at Krispy Kreme -- usually regretting an overly sweet doughnut from an impulsive buy. Sugar was excessive. It was the standard.

Back then, when Krispy Kreme first opened here, I wanted an ordinary doughnut, but no, everything was glazed! I did not like glaze. T_T

They have been coming out with a lot of new products reacently without the glaze though, and that I can take! XD


I came across these Not-so-hidden Mickey Doughnuts, and they made me happy! :3

They looked so good and post-worthy so I could not just pass by it! XD

I got a bit of everything. :P

This is the Minnie one in Milk Chocolate, the ribbon is made from sugar -- tasted nice but quite ordinary despite its appearance.

Almonds, in white chocolate. By far my favourite among the three. The crunch and neutral taste of the almond complements the sweetness of the choc.

And finally, the pistachio one, in white chocolate, which was just as good! :D

Unfortunately, this will only be available for a limited time...!

...I actually wanted some more of the Almond and Pistachio ones! :3

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