Sunday, December 16, 2012

Printed out and Ready

All reservations and boarding passes printed out~! :3 A little bulky,

Exactly two days left! (/*_*)/~


Have been looking at the weather of late, and here is how Berlin is looking:

2012.12.11 Last week

2012.12.16 Earlier today

Looks bleak and gloomy. Also hate it when it rains.
I hope it gets better the next couple of days.
Imagine viewing the city from the Reichstag and seeing only smoggy rooftops. :O


Berlin-Rome-Madrid, and after that I only have one day of rest and then work the following day. o_O My sleeping sched is going to get messed up again. But the trip would be worth the zombieness that ensues..XD (that I'm sure! :P)

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