Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Insta-Curry. いただきます!^_^

I finally got the chance to use the Instant Curry I bought a few weeks back!:D

I popped it into the microwave (as instructed on the package).

Ack~~ couldn't wait to open it.

and here it is. [It smelled heavenly.^_^]

You have no idea how hard it was to keep my from digging in as I take these photos...:P

And a closer look...can you almost smell it?



Here is a look at my anime calendar..

And another...

[Tomorrow is the 21st-- the day I turn a year older. Not something to look forward to eh? xD Lol.]


Last week, I bought this little bunny pouch.

And it is perfect for bento boxes.:D

The bunny bento box I bought last year.

The pouch can fit all these.:D

How it looks with stuff inside..


Bought a polka-dotted notebook last week, thought it was really nice.

It has an elastic band to keep the pages in place.

Perfect to write on with my Miffy pen.

Ah. My weakness for cute little things.

It's a huge notebook too = more stuff to write.xD

It's available from Paperchase.

On the back it also includes this clear flap to hold a couple of cards and whatnots.

This is one of the photos I took of Tokyo.:D [see the Rainbow Bridge and Odaiba?:P]

Oh, I wish I could go to Japan again soooon.


It's been ages since I last touched the games on my psp! [due to lack of time, and also because when I start playing I can't stop and play for hours endlessly.]

But I am still far from completing the game.. I have only just started on this game.


This is the Gosick novel-version. #1. Have not started yet. Lol.

Too much text, Haha. My mind should be completely clear as I read.

I think I will try one page first. Although I reckon I will spend more time flipping through my dictionary than actually 'reading'.

But it is worth a try.:P


Have started to download a new anime called 'Ikoku Meiro no Croisée'.

The illustration is incredible, and the main character is soooo cute too, it looks much like Gosick, which I also loved when I first saw it.

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