Sunday, July 31, 2011

What I did today

Managed to get some reading done this morning!xD

Have started reading this before and after having not read it for so long I just ditched it for something else. Lol, well, this morning I felt I was in the mood to read this book so I picked it up again. And started reading from the beginning.:P
The story is wonderful, talks about this jew who owns a furniture store during the Nazi era and how the changes in Germany are affecting him, his social status, and his relationship with the people around him. How this book is going to turn out I have yet to discover.


Woke up relatively early today for a weekend.n_n;

Prepared lunch instead of ordering food in.

Thought I'd use this plate for a change.

And this is what I had for lunch today..

Nothing fancy, just pasta and whatever was in the fridge.xD


In the afternoon I decided to clean my room with some Japanese drama running in the background.

This box was so heavy!>_<

It's where I keep the brochures/guides/maps/free publications from my travels.

Err, a bunch of random stuff which you get for free from everywhere.

See that packet of tissue and wipes? [above photo]xD


I label them like this..

and this..

We have this habit of going to places repetitively, so I write the dates too.

Whatnots from my trip to Japan.

Did not bother to pull them out because it's already tucked in pretty neatly.>_<

Stuff I picked up from here and there.

And I even kept this huge Squid-strip packing.:P

Bought that in the Glico store in Osaka.


Was a pretty cool day today.. foggy and drizzling.

Took this photo in the morning..

Photo quality was bad so I made it look like this [err, which made it even worse?].>_<


Oh, and was planning to study today but it seems I was not able to do that.T_T

Haha, will probably study tomorrow.xD

Thought I should follow this schedule: MONDAY - French, TUES & WED - Spanish, THURS & FRI - Japanese. I wonder if I'd be able to do that??*_*

Have not been reviewing my French for a long time but it seems I have not totally forgotten.>_< But my Spanish... I have forgotten to conjugate the simplest of verbs. Very bad shape, so I thought I should start from the first book again! [although when I read/listen I can understand.]. As for Japanese, [and having learned from my previous mistake] I am studying it at least once a week.n_n;

Although.... how long can I keep up with this?? :P

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