Friday, April 15, 2011

Snack, Skies, and Coffee

[Another set of photos taken with the PSP Camera.]

Snacking on noodles is yum, and it fills you up nicely too. :D

Today I had 'Ah-Q - Seafood Flavour'. Lol.

And yes, I am having it with coffee. n_n;

I have almost anything with coffee. ^o^


My MP3/3GP Audio/Video Player, and earplugs.;)

Haven't been using this as much since I got my PSP. It doesn't have all those flashy features and controls, but it does what it says it does, and it comes cheap too.

It has a built-in camera too, but it's the lowest of LOWQUALITY you've ever heard of.


Here, a couple of sky photos taken from my window.

I love the clouds and the reflection on the water.:)

and if that's not enough..


What I've been busy with of late,

[1] japanese shows :D I try to watch as much as I can.
[2] 相棒。 Have finished Season 8, am now moving on to 9. [大FANです!xD]
[3] language exchange.xD It is fun.:D I look forward to opening my inbox everyday to find new messags waiting.\(^o^)/
[4] I am learning so much from said language exchange. うれしい。:D
[5] Helping other people with the language they are learning.
[6] New games on my PSP. and games I couldn't play.
[7] Sony's NAVI-system, which I only got yesterday! :O I should have had it when I was in Japan a few months back. Lol, it has a detailed map of Tokyo. Later I will check Osaka.

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