Saturday, January 08, 2011

It has been a busy week! I can finally get some rest. Am planning to sleep in till noon tomorrow.

But more importantly, so much has happpened, and so many good things!

Let me start off with a greeting --> Happy new year! ^o^

It's a Japanese tradition (practised even by people today) to go to the temple on New Year's Eve and make your first shrine visit of the year.

And then get a fortune [おみくじ] (in this case it's a hundred yen to get your fortune)

There are good ones and bad ones, and there are those that might seem good to some but bad for some...

Good fortunes are kept and brought home.

Bad ones are meant to be left behind so that it doesn't come true.

if one thinks of it as bad fortune, it's tied up like so..

But I'm too stingy to get myself a みくじ.. (First because I don't believe in it, and second because I'd rather spend it on plushies, drinks, and food. >_<")


Japan can get really cold in the winter.. and what better than stalls serving Amazake 「甘酒」. They're allowed to serve this drink to minors too.

It's a very light alcoholic drink made from fermented rice. (Spent 100yen on this one - Better than getting a fortune told, me thinks.). Way to get all warmed up in the cold.



I found this and thought it nice to blog about, it's a little basin to wash one's hands.

I thought this machine was going to be warm but the temp was even colder than sticking your hand in ice.


And then it was time to leave the temple grounds, here's a photo of my boots, my ring, and the wooden thing I'm treading on. (neat work, eh?)


Headed to Ginza later to get myself some *omnomnom* food!

look at that load of meat!

and then you cook them yourself...

There's also a waffle machine and SUNTORY ビール。


And I thought I'd share this cool retro ad I came across. (It's actually everywhere in Tokyo..This one was taken in Ginza.)


Oh, I can go on forever about Japan~~


I still have a load of photos to rotate, screen, and categorize.

yes, I guess I am O/C like that.

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