Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I did laundry again this week.. it's the second batch of winter clothing I used during my stay in JP.

Today, it's the third batch.:P And while I wait (for clothes in the dryer), I decided to post.


More stuff to wear on my next visit to JP! xD

I love this vest, reminds of Peach from Sunaoni Narenakute. She's not particularly my favourite character, but her wearing it with a dress is lovely.

This pattern is quite popular with the Japanese this season...

It's actually prettier than it looks in the photo, couldn't get a good shot of it with my mobile phone.

Scarf with the vest..

Tags on the vest..

I don't normally wear this kind of hat but it reminded me of the movies I watched.... So I wanted to own it.xD


Anyway, need to get back to my laundry.:P

Here is a photo of a local sweet I had with my afternoon tea. (Yes, I drink tea every afternoon -- and almost anytime of the day).

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