Monday, September 27, 2010


That looks incredibly yummy, eh?

It had to dry for two nights and this is the end product.

Sad to say it is rock-hard and inedible though! ღღღ(♡´∀`)


More on that later as I move along this post. For now, here are some overdue photos from...

Monday last week:

Lumpia, and a very delicious one at that too! (from our relatives)

I miss my grandmother's homecooking. She used to make this a lot and I love it. Most of her cooking she's passed on to the maids at my auntie's home, and they were the ones who made this. It's not as good as what my grandmother used to make for us, but I love it anyways.


Tuesday last week

I made カレーライス again. :P Somehow this time it reminds me Shirotan.>_<

A lot of carrots in this photo... there are a load of other stuff in there but I love carrots so I picked them all out.

I had some mango chutney mixed in this time and the result is amazing.xD

I do plan to make some more soon. Haha.


Friday last week

Instead of studying japanese I spent the whole morning making these:

It's all in one colour since it was what I had with me at that time. I did not know how much dough a half cup would result to though and had a lot of excess sunny yellow dough.xD

The materials aren't very expensve though so if I mess up halfway through molding (like cracks, or in rare cases the whole thing falls apart, etc) it feels alright to throw them away.:)

There are ways to fill in the gaps though when cracks do appear. But keeping it in raw condition, it wouldn't look good with the cracks on them.

Dumplings. :D

SnowmEn. For it is easier to roll them into a ball and put them together.:D

I think it is challenging to work with small things. (although these are not uber-miniature)

My name, and a baby turtle.:D

Leaving them to dry for the rest of the day, and occasionally flipping them over on their sides. (not sure if I should be doing that! :O).

I used a star-shaped stencil for this one, and sprinkled some pastel-coloured goodness on it.

This is incredibly easy to make, and it looks great too. (at least I think so..)

Thought I'd leave them on my window to dry...

Rubber duckie?

More flipping here and there..

もう ゆきですね。。。

...and with the frosty glass it definitely feels like winter.:D

The snowy, crystally, porous texture.^-^

Turtles love to bask and stick together.:P

Turtle going out to sea..

Flower on love bunny

..on another bunny friend

Doughnuts.. dumplings... Omnomnom.

Reira, this is for you! (yes, really.:P It's actually a 'P' inside your heart. LOL.)

Bunny holding totoro. Or at least it was what I was trying to achieve?




Looks like I won't be able to finish today's post. It's already 11pm.:P Will continue tomorrow.. or next week?

And now to leave you with another photo I took..

I can get lost looking at the sky....watching the clouds move.


More of my recent work to be posted next. It's a series of works inspired by the very first photo in this post (heehee, that is just part of it).

Have a lovely night.

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