Sunday, September 05, 2010

Just had dinner a while ago.. :P Remember me saying I might make some croquettes today?

Well, I did.n_n"

The preparation: Mashing the potatoes, mixing in some yummy flavours.

Plain/ Curry/ Basil+Butter

Beautiful colours...The orange one is curry.:)

But those flavours aside there were also Salt&Pepper, Mayonnaise, and oh, I was so tempted to squeeze Wasabi into one of them! Hahahaha. (I didn't though~ But it'd have been fun to see someone's expression when they bite into it.xD)

And here's the yummy goodness fried to a crisp! :D

The plain ones went well with Mango Chutney.

It was so much fun biting into them coz it's when you find out what it's filled with.:D

I only used two large potatoes but I'm sooooo full.*_*


I forgot to ask yesterday... Can anyone please tell me who this character is?

I bought it because it's so cute, but I don't know who this is.:P

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