Saturday, September 04, 2010

Is it weird I'm blogging on a Saturday night? >_< It is going to be a boring weeeeekend.=( (But I don't feel like going into details because it's going to spoil my mood if I do...) .......And I'm having a major headache to add to that.-> not so much now but it was so bad earlier in the afternoon. (Is it the heat or was today not a very good day to start with?! ToT).

When I think back to this morning I was in a great mood.. Went to class, did a bunch of grammar and kanji, had almond clusters and milk during the break, lent some Japanese dorama cd's to a friend (one of them being an earlier series played by Reira's P♥), Drooled over Yuu-sama's photos on my phone ♥ (err..Actually I did not have enough credits to sms anyone and with nothing better to do......), came home, had leftover curry for lunch...And the day carried on like any other day (+ the bad headache).

but yesterday's events..... =| <= This is me thinking it is better to keep my mouth shut..(?) ~ Alrighty, on to happier things, and my lovely plushie collection:

My favourite shot by far..

Looks like a fun conversation they're having there, eh?

Some older shots, but very cute ones too.

I love those eyes! The huge Rilakkuma I have with =_= eyes is one of my favourites too. It's such a funny expression.


Thought I'd share this bowl of カレーライス with everyone.

This is my own rendition of curry, and I think it's SOOO GOOD.

I hope this photo looks appetizing enough.(?!)

It's 90% VEGETABLE and 10% CHICKEN. i just dumped all of my favourite vegetables in, plus some fresh herbs. (No dried herbs this time :D). I love the curry I make because it is healthy, do note I take the skin and fats off the chicken prior to cooking.xD So there's hardly any oil in it (And yet it's tender and firm altogether).

Yipes, now I'm talking curry. Haha.

I made banana chips earlier when I got home (oh, what a treat :D).

And it finished up quickly coz everyone dug in.=(

(I wanted to eat more.:O)

Tomorrow I'm making potato croquettes (If we don't order in some pizza.xP), and if I'm not going out.


Wallpaper on my mobile phone: ♥ ♥ ♥


Uwaah. It's 00:06 already.O_O And there's still about 1/3 coffee left in my mug. Do you normally drink coffee this late too? :D

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