Friday, July 08, 2016

Working with markers for the first time

Just as I promised, making it up and posting some stuff from earlier this year.

In February, (amidst the moving-not-moving phase), we came across my sister's old univ stuff and found a bag full of Kuretake Markers. Coincidentally, I wanted to buy Copic Markers but found them too expensive... some 11,990 for a set that comes in a case. Kuretake Markers are not cheap either. But considering my sister had to use them in Design school before (and swears she doesn't want those damned markers anymore), I am very lucky.

In the long run I might want to buy a few extra colours, but for now I will make do with the ones I already have.


Trying my hand at markers and this is the first one I drew:

A Jaegermeister bottle! :D -- also my first liquor bottle illustration.
It is not perfect. I'm only just learning after all. The lines are crooked too.
Made this in under 10mins, but I know I need to practice.
(Recently I discovered the world of illusive 3d-art. Mixed media but I'd love to give it a go. Would take me hours but it's worth a try.XD)

Next up is a classic Guinness advert:

Amazing this stuff works even after being used and left in storage for some 10years..:D

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