Saturday, January 16, 2016

New Years' Shopping x End of Season Sale

A quick look at what I bought recently.

I love the stuff from Terranova because it fits me just right. Plus, the quality is slightly better than that of H&M's.
(H&M quality has sadly dropped and more so when it started expanding in Asia...They seem to be sourcing their products elsewhere now.)

Bought this because I own matching shorts with the same print! :D
(My first choice was the one in grey but the last of it was XS. I could fit in it if I wanted to, but practically speaking it was just too small.T_T)

And this grey one feels Nordic. And I love Nordic feels. Or is it just me?
What caught my eye were the silver strands entwined in the knit. :3
(It is super subtle and not noticeable in the photo sadly..)

And.. you know how I love grey. XD

1 comment:

  1. They're really cute!
    I think here in Italy H&M's quality is still the same (maybe Terranova's is slightly worse), but it's prices got higher