Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Incoming mail 20150406 + 07 + 14

This is way overdue! (Turns out it's is so much harder than I thought, starting a new wordpress blog and posting every card I receive! D:

I know it is all I ever talk about these past weeks (yes, expect that from people who have only been on PC for less than a year!)


I received two cards today, one from my dear friend Sam from Germany!

She sent me a card with a piece of the Berlin Wall! How cool is that!

At first I thought it was a postcrossing card, and I wondered who would send me this?
It was exactly the card I wanted! A beautiful black and white photo of the Berlin that was; and a piece of something from the city too.

Thank you for reading my mind, Sam. Lol.

The card didn't use a real stamp but it was very nice too.


A card with a view of Malta, sent from Germany.

I didn't mention liking rabbits on my profile but the sender placed a rabbit stamp and I was so happy to see it.

The sender does direct swaps and has mass-produced copies of her photos from Malta and beyond; the card quality is very nice though, I wish we had a self-print machine that does just that here.


This came from Moomin land, Finland! (What I also like about receiving cards from Finland is that travel time is short.) :3
(oh wait, actually it varies from 16-28 days -- depending on the post's cut off dates, I think.)

I love this character so much and it is my first Moomin card. :D

It has a matching Moomin stamp too! It was more like a sticker than a stamp, actually.


Received my first ever card from Kazakhstan, one of Russian origin.

The sender claimed to have found this card in a second hand bookshop. (That just makes an even more interesting story!)

These are also my first stamps from the country.


Next up is a card sent from Taiwan, of another work by another Russian artist. Later, I also found out the card is actually of Russian origin too, she probably got it from a swap -- which I don't mind at all.

(This card only took 5 days to reach me! How amazing is that!!)

I forgot to save a copy of the stamp for this blog but you can find it on my wordpress postcrossing blog here!


I love this beautiful vintage Kewpie card from a granny in the USA. :3

Where else could I find something like this? Definitely not where I'm from!

She also placed an enormous amount of stamps (well, it filled almost half of the postcard, since they were big stamps)


Next up is more mail, 2 from Russia, 1 from Belarus (let us not go to that for now).

These were from Russia:

Olga from Moscow sent me an art card plus some extras (I didn't really ask for anything else except old & used stamps.:3)!

She send me a beautiful card, pretty stamps, and extra used stamps from Kazakhstan!

Here was the card she sent me:

And something from maybe a calendar:

Random stuff from Russia, candy wrapper, a greeting card, some lottery card or similar.

Play money! ... and on it the tiny Kazakhstan stamps!

I've only jut learned that Kazakhstan issues a lot of space stamps. That's really interesting.

Stamps on the envelope:


This card also came from Russia, one of an assortment of the country's stamps.

Ksenia from Moscow used a lot of stamps, all featuring beautiful Moscow landmarks.

She also sent me an extra stamp, which she claims is from Thailand -- wrong.

This is from a series of stamps produced in Manama - the dependency of Ajman (United Arab Emirates) in the years 1965-1973. This particular one was produced in 1972.

to know more, Click on this post I wrote on my other blog -- I had explained more profoundly there.:3


A more detailed post on the cards I received are on

DCBPOSTCROSSING [dot] wordpress [dot] COM. :3

And the cards received on this post are the following:

RU-3583949 // RU-3572983 // FI-2348892 // US-3295961 // KZ-18975 // TW-1565313 // DE-Sam // DE-4058801

See you there! x

I'm guessing my mailbox will be quiet next week -- and I will have time to write an entry for my photoblog. Haven't been on there for almost a month. I think I will join in next week's ABC round/ Black and White weekend meme.


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  1. Ohh, the Moomin card! :) Lovely.
    And I didn't even know we had cards with pieces of the Berlin wall here, even though I'm from Germany, too. Haha oops. :D"