Sunday, February 08, 2015

Shopping :: After-Winter Sale H&M

Bought these super cute mittens at H&M. :3 It was so difficult to pick a decent one because most of them had already been snagged here and there. Sigh. I found a semi-decent pair and bought them.

That. cute. face.

And it fits me perfectly.

Curious question, do you ever remove the tags like these when you buy stuff? I don't. But this was like 9 pages long.

It's only recently (two months ago) that H&M became available in my city. I don't know if these mittens were long available in other countries, I think their goods come from elsewhere in Asia.

Speaking of which (it opening in my city recently), I saw some socks I bought in Vienna in 2013on display-- I got it on sale at only 3eur there, but here it's being marketed as a "new item" at regular price which cost about --converted, approx. in euros-- 8eur. (That's equivalent to two pairs + change)

Well, just saying.


Also bought fingerless gloves,

which I never had, until now. (Well, I knitted one back in 2013, which I used when I traveled to Munich. But it was my first mitten project and it did not fit as good as I expected it to)

Thumb without the cover

Thumb with cover

...And when it gets too cold,


I try not to buy more than I need. BUT... when I see things I like I JUST CAN'T HELP IT. =_="

And I rarely even go out....n_n


  1. I don't own any mittens because I simply just need my fingers too often. XD Other than that the pair you got is really cute with that face. :3
    I like the second pair you bought a lot more 'cause you can still use your fingers or simply hide them when you don't need them. ^_^ Very nice!

    1. @l0vepirate Ah, you are brave! When it gets too cold my camera freezes up and my fingers too. Haha. The second one is more practical, but just I love that cute face!

  2. So cute! And the glove cover is really smart! I remove tags only if they annoy me in some way because they're useful to remember how to was items.