Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

So, here's something fitting the day.

Heart-shaped cookies! :3

The cookie was quite plain, but it's cute.XD


And here's something I got from my mom (from a few weeks ago but I'm just posting it now).

I really love this cute case.
There were some exquisite soaps in it originally, but i think I'll use it for my hair scrunchies/accessories.

Here's how it loks with the lid on, it had some laces and ribbons on it before but I didn't like it and removed them. Plus it was really vintage so it was showing some signs of age...

I think I will decorate it with something else instead or just keep it plain.

Some bells on the front which O didn't remove.

Will find some use for it....soon.


I hope you are all enjoying Valentine's Day.

As for me, I will spend Sat evening cooped up in my room watching some tv drama. :3
( the company of some pizza and some beer. :P)

Until my next post~~ รก plouche!:X


  1. The cookie is indeed cute and I also like the case you got from your mum! How lovely.
    Spending Vday with a beer is also a good idea. XD Sounds like something I could have come up with, haha.

    1. @l0vepirate Haha, I'm glad someone thinks like me! :D