Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Berlin 002 - Pergamon Museum, Museuminsel

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Before coming to Berlin one of the things I've been looking forward to was seeing their museums. XD So the first thing I did upon arrival was -buy the 72-hour Berlin Card, which, aside from unlimited transport within the inner region, comes with 3 free museum visits. It costs roughly 30euros. and with each museum costing about some 9 to 11euros each it is well worth every penny! :3 However, for museums with special exhibitions, (i.e. Nefertiti at the Neue Museum), you have to pay an extra 3euros.


As soon as you enter you are greeted with the Pergamon Altar.
No extra fee for the audioguide.

Some of the intricate details.

ABOVE PHOTO : Hecate fights against Klytios (left); Artemis against Otos (right)

Parts of the original design.

In another room, you will find these things.

This was taken in the room that houses the Market Gate of Miletus.

And this is the Market Gate of Miletus

The Ishtar Gate.

These were the original wall designs that graced the street, lions and flowers.

Further ahead:

The stairs to the left leads up to the museum's Islamic Art collections (Museum für Islamische Kunst)

Here, you will find mostly rugs, carpets,

..and prayer rugs.

View from one of the windows above

When you find something unusual, click on the the number and listen to the narration.

Everything with a religious significance.

Just before we left the museum, we went up the Pergamon altar. Here you will find another set of antiquities.

Me and my sis. I love how easy it is to set self-timer on Nikon.
This was taken from the portico of the Altar.

The Altar seen from the side. (I got told off for this shot because apparently the stairs on this side were off-limits.)

A fellow tourist was very kind to offer to take a photo of us! :3

And that pretty much concludes my Pergamon adventure.

Audioguides. And lots of them.

Ticketing / Museum Shop




  1. Oh you went to Berlin! I hope you had a good time in my home town, I miss it a bit! I loved Pergamon-Museum when I was younger but I never went there since they've redone it! I really hope you enjoyed it there :D :)

  2. I loved this museum when I visited Berlin! *_*