Sunday, January 05, 2014

Popteen - Dec2013JP Jan2014TW - Ueno Juri x Matsu Jun

Bought Popteen magazine just before I flew back from Taiwan. (In Taiwan, they have the official Popteen translated into Chinese so it's one month behind the Japanese one.) XD

The contents of this issue, (I was having some fruitcake and tea while browsing.:3)

...and towards the last page I found this!! <3

Another movie to look forward to!! X3 Matsu Jun isn't my favourite jap actor but he's okay. As for Ueno Juri -- I love Nodame and Sunaoni Narenakute. She played Nodame so well -- I cannot wait to see this! *A*

Trailer here:

Movie Title: Hidamari no Kanojo

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