Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bento Boxes and Matcha Latte

Was going through my stuff last weekend and found this, a bento box I bought years back (and never used!)

Unwrapping the furoshiki!

This isn't exactly a furoshiki, I used a square-shaped cushion cover. It's japanese-made and the material and print were perfect to use as furoshiki.:3 Not to mention the size of this fabric was just right. So I did! I hope this gives you an idea.XD

It looks so traditionally japanese....or is it just me?!


In the afternoon, I made some 抹茶ラテ Matcha Latte, I love [AGF - coffee please] products! :D

I always see them in japanese dramas just before the program starts when it screens some partner sponsors.

This was so damn expensive. And I do not exaggerate. X_X

Btw, the sundial in the background is one of my favourite purchases from $10 shops that used to be so popular in Hong Kong. I bought this many years ago! It is quite heavy but just classic.;D


  1. The sundial and the bento and -fake- furoshiki are really nice!!!
    I like matcha only so and so, I don't think I would be a fan of matcha latte.

  2. Thanks for your comment^^
    Aw I think I saw the entry to this Crysta-shopping arcade but I didn't go. I went to an underground shopping arcade in Nanba station but it's not the same I guess?^^
    And I was too busy with the loooong shopping arcade of Nanba streets^^ But if I have the chance next time, I wanna go to Crysta ^^