Wednesday, September 04, 2013

New yarn, some quick update

Hello, these are the new yarn I've mentioned some time ago...XD Haven't gotten around to using any yet, but I'm excited to make something out of this!

At the moment I feel challenged to make a beret. Probably not so difficult, but for a beginner like myself..... Hmm, we'll see what it'll end up looking...;D


Knitting aside, it's September, and I'm one month or so away from finalizing this year's trip. :3

How does "München - Köln - Milan - Florence" sound? I can't wait to come back to Germany....XD And I look forward to visiting more cities.XD

Ah, one place at a time.X3

I should take my German studies more seriously as well.n_n; And learn to read the menu because all I ever eat are sausages, pommes frites, schnitzel or bread! =_= Heh. Okay, once I tried to order something else, there was an elderly couple and I asked them what they were eating in German, because I wanted the same thing. :O I had them repeat the phrase for at least 3 times, until I finally almost got it, and they were so patient! XD It tasted so good but now I can't remember what it was.X_x

I hope all goes well as planned! <3


New books to read:

G.P. Taylor - Tersias

Julian Fellowes - Snobs

Julian Fellowes - Past Imperfect

Christie Dickason - The Firemaster's Daughter

-- so much to read, so little time.


Finally finished watching all seven seasons of El Internado!

Now I'm watching El Secreto de Puente Viejo, and while I haven't found eps.72 onwards, will get started on El Barco / continue watching Gran Reserva.

I've gotten really hooked on ESDPV. :3


Ah, and also need to catch up on anime, I haven't seen any in months! :P

My weekends are spent watching Japanese dramas.


While I would love to blog about my trip, there is way too much keeping up to do and my hands are full.XD

Until then.XD


  1. I live in Milan! If you come here I can give you some advice if you want :D

    Nice yarn! I can only crochet, I'd like to learn knitting.

    1. That'd be swell!!:) I'm moving Milan trip to next year though and will only be visiting Florence for now.

      I learned to knit first so I find crochet a little more difficult! XD I am sure you will find knitting very easy. ;)