Saturday, September 28, 2013

Feeling unmotivated

The title says it all!

Have had to make so many calls this week and so many documents to gather. (mentally tiring, having to argue with people who cannot understand the concept of schengen -- just give me my damn insurance covering the whole region.-_-)

9/28 seriously need to write my itinerary + all those extra thingies to support my travel
10/3 book tickets
10/6 book train tickets! :O
10/18 interview day
10/25 hopefully will have my visa by this time
11/?? Finalize eveything.
12/?? Mark all the places I want to visit on my map. [Speaking of map I hope I find a better map of Munich because the one I currently have is just UGH.=_=]

I really don't like the anticipation part of planning (Europe-bound) trips.x_X

I just want my visa and start packing! ^~~^


Another reason for this depression is because Shane Filan is in the country and I'm not going to see him!!! T_T Hahha, people who know me from way back know how crazy I was about Westlife and Shane.XD He is currently promoting his first album as a solo artist.:3

The tickets this time include an album-signing + a meet and greet. And I am feeling so torn! :S If this was the case 5 years ago I would've bought the tickets in a heartbeat! :S The tickets are not too expensive, but I hardly spend on things like these now, plus I'll be going on a trip end of this year so I made a decision not to spend money on a whim....T_T


It is too late to buy the tickets now because the concert's tomorrow.:c

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  1. wh i hope you see him in the future!

    I used merino wool, and I don't think I've a 7 so I don't know if it's easier, I'm also inexperienced in crochet :< I hope you get everything sorted out and sorry for the late reply!