Monday, August 20, 2012

Rainy Days

Random rainy day shots:

Been getting a lot of rain of late, in moderation is fine, but days on end with rain is unbearable.


Current thoughts (planning my next trip):
Madrid (+Segovia/+Toledo)- Sevilla - Rome - Florence;
Madrid - Berlin - Rome (+Florence?);
Madrid (+Segovia/+Toledo)- Berlin - Milan;
Madrid - Berlin - Milan - Rome;
Rome (+florence) - Madrid (++).
How to go about this....n_n; Some have very limited flight selection.. would prefer to fly in the morning....(which is why I squeezed Berlin in (24&25), but would only get 2 days max and I wouldn't want that.>_<). Hmm, also need to have more days in Spain since they will be issuing my Schengen....

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