Friday, August 03, 2012

Food Review :: Kenji-tei

My friend and I were here for brunch (as usual, we skipped breakfast...!)

Kenji-tei's menu, for something Japanese, their menu feels --to me, limited.

I loved the restaurant's ambience, however, and it was very well-lit.
The not-so-morning sun was hitting all the right places and a lot of gaijins were dining here as well (during the early hours, anyway).

The works they had on each table..

I had the Seafood Negi Ramen.. Spicy the way I liked it. XD

My friend had Pork in Teriyaki Sauce.

..with a tiny bowl of rice to go with it as well.

I absolutely loved my ramen, beautiful flavour, noodles were also made to perfection.

They don't call themselves Ramen house for nothing!
I only wished it had more meat in it.

My friend was contemplating whether to get some tempura, and i wanted to try the matcha cake. :3 We didnt though, ...maybe this calls for another visit. XD

We were very happy with the service, and I hope it stays that way! :D

Kenji-tei - @Greenbelt

Food 10/10 *Their ramen was marvelous.
Service 10/10
Presentation 9/10

Great food, wonderful ambience, I only wish they had more items on their menu! .. was also left a little hungry after my ramen...xP


  1. OMG how could you NOT try the matcha cake?! D:
    (love the look of the restaurant!! so modern ♥)

  2. Shall try it the next time I visit! XD Hehe