Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What a busy week! :) (Err, more like cleaning, washing, and drying plushies.)

More cleaning over the weekend. (my room is a whole lot of work...)


Daily dose of CHOC! (A choc a day is enough for me~~ sugar rush.)

Pucca Biscuits (more like pretzel, the texture)


A dress I bought recently, and a hat fitting the warm season..


The lightswitch in my room:

I absolutely love chiyogami paper and its beautiful patterns!


Pretz -- My favourite. I love the roast and fried flavoured ones.

This is a japanese pretz, salted.

Below, Pretz inside a cosmetic case I recently bought for myself.:D

Wonderful lining.:D

And again from a different angle.

I got this recently too...:D I think it's pretty cute.

A pretty reindeer print:

Imagine sleeping on that reindeer print! So cute.


The following photos were taken weeks back, obviously under bad weather~~

Look at that sky!

The fog lifting:

Let's hope for sunny shinier skies!


Random stuff I bought (How much have I spent this week! ToT)



Being random, here's a kiwi:

The tiny little details are beautiful. And the bright-coloured inside of the Kiwi is definitely refreshing!


Ate out the other night, and here's another photo of the moon.:D

I brought the SX110is one, so I think this is a good enough photo.

Have a great week! :)

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