Wednesday, August 04, 2010

I have been playing the guitar again! Picking up where I last left off. LOL. This is the reason why I never ever become good at it. :P I stop for a few months, pick it up again when there's a good song I really want to learn, and realize I never completed the previous song I was learning to play... So in the end I never learn a new song. >_< I have started watching ホタルノヒカリ 2. Waaah. It is ♥ ! I've watched the first season twice already, and the latter half of it about 4times.:D I didn't like Makoto-kun in the first season, so I'm glad he's out of the story.:P Lol. Anyway, here are some entries I meant to post weeks back...

2010/07/23 23:24

VELONICA - Aqua Timez on endless loop~~~

Studying for the finals.

頑張ります! \(^-^)/


2010/07/29 22:51

Ahh!! I have been downloading so much recently I started to run out of space on my hard drive. Decided to get rid of some old files, and that was when I realized what a mess the files on my comp were. I have this habit of putting everything of the same sort into one folder.. and there are just too many folders on my comp now! T_T Imagine having to look for a file.

I burned a copy of the music I don't listen to often. You can't imagine just how much memory music eats up on my comp.:P And now I have to start flipping through my CDs when I want to listen to some songs from the previous year!

Have been listening to some classical pieces since I started watching Nodame Cantabile, it lulls me to sleep.:P Haha. I still keep my favourites (like Coldplay which I listen to endlessly, JohnMayer/JasonMraz/DanielPowter when I feel like singing to them, and my Japanese favourites). It's weird I don't have a lot of new stuff unlike before. You can say I used to know everything about the new music that came out, artists, their backgrounds, and such (err.. back then), now it's down to nil. HAHA. Am I getting older (the new songs feel like noise) or is there not a lot of good music coming out now?

SIGH SIGH. And now to change the songs on my MP4... Am also putting in some Japanese magazine scans to flip through when I have nothing to do. (and there is just so much I want to do!)

Below, some of the things that have crossed my mind as I type this entry:

[ ] play the guitar
[ ] study the next chapter of our japanese textbook
[ ] play a videogame (I have not played for months, and when I do play I can't stop. It's me lil druggie.)
[ ] read 'Por la vida de mi hermana' (I stopped somewhere in the middle, and that was last year too.)
[ ] translate some of my favourite clippings into French. (I managed to translate one a long time ago, and I have so much more lined up. But it takes too much time!)
[ ] watch anime (there are far too many animes for me to watch, and so little downloading capacity)
[ ] watch j-dramas (=LOVE. But yeah, it's time consuming)
[ ] watch Hotaru no Hikari (=my recent fave. I love the plot, the cast, ....)
[ ] buy jap plushies (to expand my collection.:D but where to keep them....)
[ ] bigger room, more storage space, new furni!
[ ] shirotan. <3 [ ] cosplaying with hachi and reira [ ] review the german language (else it'd go to waste.=/) [ ] more Sho-Comi. OMY. Another of me lil druggies.


2010/07/30 20:50

My internet connection is pretty bad. Thus, I couldn't upload + update my webbie. Instead, I'll just play the guitar. It has collected quite an amount of dust now. I haven't touched it for some time already. xP

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